Help Create the Next PADI Pro Infographic

7 Sep

Help us create the next PADI Pro infographic for The Undersea Journal. Below is an example from a previous issue. Give us your input by completing the five question, multiple-choice survey. Results will be published in the 1st quarter 2015 Undersea Journal.

We’d like to get as many responses as possible. Please feel free to share the survey link below with other PADI Professionals:


PADI Instructor infographic

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PADI Refer a Friend 2014 Promotional Overview

31 Jul

PADI Refer a Friend 2014
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PADI Divers who share their love of scuba diving with friends can earn $10US towards their next eLearning course and their friends can save $10US as well.  Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

Divers visit PADI’s Facebook page and click the Refer A Friend tab. After liking PADI’s page, the diver clicks a link to share the special offer to their wall. After sharing the promotion, the diver receives a claim code for $10US off a PADI eLearning course.
Friends and family members of that diver who would like $10US off a PADI eLearning course can re-share the deal and receive a code of their own… and so on and so on. Please note: the promotion begins the week of 4 August 2014.

Important details:

  • The special offer must be shared to the user’s Facebook wall in order to receive the discount code
  • To promote Refer A Friend on a Facebook page or eNewsletter use:  (starting the week of 4 August)
  • The eLearning discount is the first of three special deals that will be offered in the coming months.
  • eLearning gift codes and Scuba Review are not eligible for the $10US discount


Refer a Friend Step-By-Step Instructions

#1 Visit and click the Refer-A-Friend Tab

#2 The user must Like PADI’s Facebook page (if they haven’t already)

PADI Refer a Friend 2014#3 The special offer will be revealed and the user must share the special offer to their personal Facebook wall in order to receive the deal.

PADI Refer a Friend special offer

#4 The user agrees to the terms and conditions



#5 The user can add a personal message to their wall post
Share PADI Refer a Friend#6 Once shared to the user’s wall, a promo code will appear.  Each code can be used only once and it has a set, solid, no kidding expiration date. In the case of the eLearning promotion, the coupon must be redeemed during the month of August 2014.

PADI eLearning discount

#7 This promo code is displayed on screen and also emailed to the student. 

PADI Refer a Friend codeThe code is used during the eLearning checkout process to redeem the $10US discount. If redeemed in a country outside the US, the value will be at parity with USD.


Questions you may have:

  • Coupon codes cannot be combined. The max discount per user is $10US.
  • The coupon code will also be emailed to the address associated with the user’s Facebook profile
  • For issues claiming codes, contact support at coupsmart dot com.  For issues specific to eLearning contact 800 729 7237 ext. 2495 or customerservice at padi dot com.
  • The $10US discount value is paid for by PADI


PADI Refer a Friend 2014

New Incentive-Based Diver Referral Promotion

30 Jun

PADI Referral Incentive Program

Word of mouth – having a friend or family member say, “you’ve gotta try this!” or “scuba diving is the coolest thing I’ve ever done!” – is one of the most powerful ways to acquire new customers. That’s why the PADI organization is leveraging the power of the personal referral with an incentive-based referral program in August. The referral program is aimed at helping increase entry-level and continuing education certifications via PADI eLearning®, and in turn, drive more business through PADI Members’ doors.

The incentive-based program encourages PADI’s more than 1,000,000 Facebook fans to share an offer with their friends. The first offer is a $10 US coupon good for qualifying PADI eLearning programs. When someone shares on Facebook, they receive a voucher with an offer code, which they redeem during checkout when purchasing a qualifying eLearning program. Friends must share the offer with their Facebook friends to receive the same offer, and so on. The $10 eLearning incentive will run for a limited time.

Note: The $10 US incentive does not cut into the revenue share received by PADI Dive Centers and Resorts.

Everyone can earn rewards for referring friends. Help your Facebook fans and best customers grow your business by sharing the promotion in your newsletter, with your dive club group, on your store’s Facebook page and during course orientation.

The $10 US eLearning incentive is just one of several special offers to come throughout the remainder of the year. Stay tuned to Surface Interval and the PADI Facebook page for updates.

To learn more about the incentive-based referral program, make sure to attend the Business of Diving Webinar on 16 July.

PADI Member Photos Wanted for The Undersea Journal

16 Jun
PADI Americas CDTC 2013

New PADI Course Directors – Dominican Republic 2013

Do you have a great photo of yourself and/or other PADI Members you’d like to see in The Undersea Journal? Email the photo to journal at padi dot com with the following information:

  • Names of everyone in the photo
  • Photographer name
  • Location where the photo was taken
  • Dive center name (if applicable)
  • A very short description of the photo and its importance.

Send your email to journal at padi dot com with the subject line Undersea Journal Family Additions. You can also send the image as a private message to the PADI Pros Facebook page. Please also include the details listed above (names, location, etc).

We’re looking for photos of specific events: an Instructor Exam (IE) group shot, Project AWARE Dive Against Debris, or other special occasion. Please do not send images of marine life, club dives, people studying, or dive classes (unless the class has a special significance). View examples(PDF).

Photos should be minimum 2MB in size to ensure they will be print quality. Don’t forget to include the names of everyone in the photo and where the photo was taken.

Now Available for Android: PADI Open Water Touch and ScubaEarth app

11 Jun

PADI Open Water Touch™ now available for Android and iOS

The Open Water Touch is now available for Android tablets as well as iPads (iOS). You can read about the PADI Touch student set-up and knowledge reviews and a follow up article which talks about eRecords and referrals as well as the mRDPML.

- – -

ScubaEarth® App now available for Android and iOS

ScubaEarth App for iOS and Android

The ScubaEarth App is now available on iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android platforms. It’s a free download and includes the following features:

  • Locating dive sites and PADI dive shops
  • Log a dive then share via Facebook and other social media channels.
  • Connect with student divers by sending and receiving buddy requests.
  • Access your ScubaEarth logbook to view previous dives

Coming soon: new features – including photo and video uploads will be added over the coming months.

Download the ScubaEarth Mobile App today.

Advice for a New Scuba Instructor

13 May

We asked PADI Staff to share their best piece of advice for a new scuba instructor. You can read their responses below, but we’d also like to hear from you!

We’re collecting words of wisdom for new instructors to be used in the Undersea Journal. If you have advice for a new PADI OWSI, please submit your answer as part of our survey. You can leave a comment (we always enjoy your comments), but it won’t be considered for inclusion in the magazine.

Alan Jan PADIAlan Jan – Supervisor, Instructor Development
Start your teaching career by working with an experienced instructor for the first few courses. This will cut your learning curve in half.

Jon Coon – Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager
Be fun to be with, and live the lifestyle you are trying to sell. Value education, (yours and theirs) and keep students comfortable and help them become confident and competent.

Mary Kaye Hester – PADI Training
Never forget what it was like to breathe underwater for the very first time. It’s astounding!

LeRoy Wickham –  Southwest and Central U.S. Regional Manager
Take the time to really prepare and organize yourself before starting to conduct any course or program. The number one rule in being a dive professional is to always look good by being prepared!

Randy Giles PADIRandy Giles – Regional Manager / Directeur régional PADI Canada
Take ownership of who you are and what you do; the tooth fairy isn’t going to tap you with her wand and make you an excellent instructor … that job belongs to you ;-)

Gary Joyce – Midwest Regional Manager
Present with confidence!  Remember, you know more than your students and they are looking to you for guidance!


Nancy Fisher PADINancy Fisher – Executive Assistant to the President & CEO
Observe different instructor’s classes and take-away great ideas that will work for you.  And ‘practice teach’ before your first real class so sessions flow smoothly, especially confined and open water skills.

David Scanlan – PADI Graphic Designer
It is the students that don’t master everything the first time that are the most rewarding to teach – a good balance between patience and persuasive encouragement will be the key to success in these cases.

Doug Bingeman – Sales Consultant, PADI Canada
Be professional and provide value for what you do.  You never know where your diving career will take you!

Andy PADI TrainingAndy Kunig – PADI Training Consultant
Work with experienced colleagues to get your feet wet for your first few classes.

Budd Riker – PADI Training Consultant
Never forget what it was like the first time you experienced being underwater; that is what you are sharing!


Brigit Jager PADIBrigit Jager – Training and Quality Management Educational Consultant
When applying for a job, if at all feasible, make the effort to visit your potential employer in person – look and be the enthusiastic dive professional they would like to employ, and don’t forget to highlight any additional skills or experiences you bring, e.g. in boating / engineering / technician / IT / sales / multiple languages, etc. Choose only an employer you would go dive with or learn to dive with yourself.

Kristina Leadbeater PADIKristina Leadbeater – PADI Sales Consultant
Always, always, always take the time to educate your students about our beautiful ocean and its creatures. Approach every situation calmly and patiently- most people are terrified to breath underwater at first.

Also, having snot dripping from your nose after a dive is totally unacceptable – take care of that will ya?

What would you tell a new instructor to help them on the path to greatness? Tell us (in a sentence or two) as part of our Undersea Journal instructor survey. You can leave a comment as well, but if you want it to possibly appear in the magazine, please send your remarks via the survey.

Top Articles on PADI’s blog in 2014 (so far)

28 Apr

Because the best ideas are stolen recycled, we wanted to share with you some of the most-clicked-on posts from PADI’s blog from 2014 (so far). These are the topics PADI Facebook fans and blog readers (through the virtue of their clicks) have deemed the most interesting.

We hope you’ll find inspiration from these posts to create your own blog content / enewsletter article or Facebook post. Or… you can simply re-use the photo and paste a direct link to the article.

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PADI Advanced card

Three Historical Dive Sites You Shouldn’t Miss

Egypt wreck dive

History of the Shaka – with video


10 Fascinating Dolphin Facts

Unusual and Amazing Underwater Creatures




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