Get Familiar with PADI’s Digital Product Line

20 May

The PADI Digital Product Suite is a collection of industry-leading digital products designed to modernize and enrich the learning experience of students and PADI Professionals.

To get the most out of each product, whether it’s the PADI App or course materials, make sure you’re familiar with what’s available by reading the PADI Digital Product Suite brochure. This handy reference guide provides the key facts about each Digital Product, including:

  • Product components – what’s included
  • The languages available or coming soon
  • What PADI courses are supported
  • Whether it’s for use on computers, tablets or both
  • Which operating system it’s compatible with
  • Whether internet access is required
  • Who can purchase the product (consumers / PADI Pros) and how

Digital Product Suite Brochure

The PADI Digital Product Suite Brochure also features a comparison between PADI Certification Paks in the form of a handy one-page summary. You’ll see at a glance what’s included in the online and offline versions for the PADI Open Water Diver course, ensuring that you can easily choose the right product for you and your students’ needs.

Click here to download the PADI Digital Product Suite brochure today.

Dives with a Difference – New Social Media Contest

14 May

Dives With a Difference

For our Dives with a Difference contest, we’re looking for dive sites which are out of the normal scuba box – the places we don’t always dive every day, locations that need special training to access, or simply those which are one-of-a-kind in the world. Dive sites such as…

  • Missile silos and bunkers
  • Underground caves, the cenotes and other sinkholes
  • Diving under the ice
  • Sculpture parks, memorials and hotels below the surface
  • Craters, volcanos and altitude dives in the mountains
  • Underwater forests, parks and ruins
  • …surprise us with your most unusual diving destination!

If you regularly dive, teach, or run your PADI business from one of the world’s more unusual diving locations, submit a photo or video of your most extraordinary dive. Or promote this contest to your students and ask them to submit photos or videos for the chance to win one of three cool prizes.

How to Enter
Enter your details on the PADI Facebook Page Contest Tab and upload either your photo or video along with a short description of your dive site and what makes it unusual. Entries must be submitted before 11.59pm UTC on 16 June 2015.

Selection Process
PADI staff will shortlist 10 finalists after the entry period closes. These 10 finalists will be listed on the contest page for public vote between 19-26 June 2015. The three entries with the highest number of votes will be chosen as 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners.

The Prizes
The Winner (1st Place) will get a GoPro video package which includes: One Hero4 Silver camera kit, 2X filters, 1 dive housing and 1 camera tripod.

Two runner up winners (2nd Place and 3rd Place) will each win a Quik Pod DSLR/POV Ultra selfie stick, a Quik Pod Floating Lanyard and a PADI Prize Pack/Swag bag.

Good luck to you and your students!

Kick off your #MyOceanChallenge this Endangered Species Day

11 May

#MyOceanChallengeThe challenges facing endangered marine species, big and small, have never been more pressing. With My Ocean Challenge, you can help tackle two of the biggest challenges faced by our ocean: marine debris and over-exploitation of sharks and rays.

Taking and promoting the My Ocean Challenge is a great way to raise awareness about endangered marine species and raise funds critical to protecting our ocean and its wildlife.

From running a marathon to baking cakes, participating in a sponsored abseil event or donating your birthday gifts, the funds raised through your My Ocean Challenge fuel the grassroots action and policy change necessary to ensure a clean, healthy ocean planet for us today and for future generations.

On Endangered Species Day, May 15 – or starting any day you choose – go to to kick off your My Ocean Challenge. Try hosting a Discover Scuba Diving event or participating in a bike ride, skydive or a sponsored bungee jump – the possibilities are endless! My Ocean Challenge is all about challenging yourself to help protect the ocean. The only limit is your imagination!

Our ocean is facing tough challenges. Your challenge this Endangered Species Day and beyond: Fundraise for its protection.

Take Project AWARE’s #MyOceanChallenge

*Beginning on Endangered Species Day 2015, the first ten fundraisers to raise $500 or more will also be awarded with a Quikpod selfie stick so you can show the world how you took on the challenge!

PADI App Now Available in Multiple Languages

23 Apr

PADI App Image

The PADI App re-launched in late 2014, bringing a number of invaluable scuba diving tools to the fingertips of PADI Divers and PADI Professionals.

With the latest update release, the PADI App is now available to download free of charge in eight different languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish – and there’s more to come in the future!

With the benefit of reading content in their local language, divers and potential customers will be able to enjoy a one-stop mobile experience for everything related to learning – and continuing – to dive. PADI Professionals are able to use the variety of integrated tools to help inform customers and enrich their learning experience.

Key Features include:

  • PADI Dive Shop and Resort Locator
  • Integration with ScubaEarth dive sites
  • Information on the top diving destinations around the world
  • The ability to log and edit dives on ScubaEarth – within the PADI App
  • News feeds from PADI social media and blogs
  • Access to PADI Gear™ collections.
  • Useful dive tools including knots, hand signals and dive checklists
  • PADI course information including the ability to purchase PADI eLearning and Touch programs.
  • 24/7 Access to PADI eCards
  • Direct link to the PADI Pros’ Site

The PADI App is the hub of the PADI Digital Suite – a place for further information and access to purchased digital products via the PADI Library App, which is integrated into the PADI App.

How to access new language versions:

The PADI App will automatically match the language which the mobile device is using, as long as that language is available (otherwise, it will default to English). Current PADI App users will see the new language setting on their next update, while new users can visit the App Store or Google Play Store to download the application.

The updated version of the PADI App is available for Apple iOS and Android-based devices. If you haven’t seen it yet, head over to the Google Play or iTunes App Store where you can download it free today!

PADI Email Templates – Use with Eve, MailChimp, Outlook

13 Apr

PADI email templates

Email remains a key tool in diver recruitment and retention. To help PADI Members save time, we’ve created dozens of free email templates you can download and use with MailChimp, Outlook and of course EVE.

Here are a few of the email topics to choose from:

  • Learn to dive
  • Take the next step (Advanced, Rescue, etc)
  • Reminders to purchase mask, fins and snorkel
  • Monthly eNewsletter template
  • Learn to dive inquiry
  • Course completion congratulatory emails
  • Gear service reminders
  • “Here’s your receipt”
  • Birthday and holiday-themed
  • GoPro, TecRec, etc.

PADI email templates EVE MailChimp Outlook

Our email template offerings can be found in two locations.

  • The PADI email templates found here can be used with EVE and/or Mail Chimp.
  • Additional email templates can be found on the Pros Site and used with EVE, MailChimp* or Outlook.Please be sure you are logged into the PADI Pros Site before clicking the link above. You can also access the templates by clicking on: Toolbox –> Marketing –> Web and Email Marketing –> (scroll down)

EVE is the most convenient way to automatically send out emails to your customers based on their certifications, equipment service history, birthday etc. If you are not an EVE user, you can still use these templates if you are a MailChimp our Outlook user.

How to Use PADI email templates with Outlook

#1 Click on the email template you’d like to use and save as an HTML file to your desktop.

#2 Send page by email (File > Send > Page by E-Mail…)

#3 Edit the message: add your eLearning and Facebook links by right clicking the links once, edit the text, update your contact details, etc.

#4 Send the email to yourself as a test. Then, send to the relevant customers  (remember to use ‘BCC’ rather than ‘To’).

We have a how to video detailing the entire process of sending the emails via EVE or Outlook. The templates work with Mail Chimp as well.

How to Use PADI email templates with MailChimp

#1 Click on the email template you’d like to use and save as an HTML file to your desktop.

#2 Upload to MailChimp by selecting Create a Template and the choose Code Your Own. Now, upload the file from your desktop.

#3 Customize with your eLearning links, contact info, etc.

#4 Proceed to preview and test, then send out as you would any other MailChimp message.

PADI email template Mail Chimp MailChimp scuba PADI email how to

*The email templates on the Pros Site (only those found on the Pros Site) need a small modification to work with Mail Chimp. Please see image below showing the place where you need to change the mail merge tag. It’s a simple change that will allow your messages to include the recipient’s name.

using PADI email templates with Mail Chimp

Make sure you’re employing the *[FNAME]* merge tag

PADI Equipment Specialist for Tablets

7 Apr

The PADI Equipment Specialist Touch is a new tool for instructors teaching the Equipment Specialist course, or any other course where you’d like to show students what it’s like under the hood of their dive gear. The Equipment Specialist Touch is an interactive, multimedia, tablet-based program that showcases the features and functions of current dive equipment.

The tablet-based product includes short video clips and interactive images such as an “exploded” regulator (see demo video).  Topics covered include:

  • How to choose dive gear
  • How to maintain scuba equipment
  • Different equipment options available (including rebreathers)

This product does not include any knowledge reviews or exam. It is a supplemental tool for teaching demos, or to sell to students interested in learning more about their scuba equipment. Our 2015 MSRP is $49.95 US, order product no. 71925-1.

The Equipment Specialist Touch was designed for iPads running iOS6 or newer and Android tablets running the two most recent versions of that OS (Kit Kat and Lollipop at time of writing).



PADI ReActivate Overview and How To for PADI Pros

1 Apr

PADI ReActivate

The purpose of this article is to explain how to send PADI ReActivate™ codes and process students. For general information on the program, please check out the links below. Scroll down to learn about sending codes and processing ReActivate certs.

Information for consumers
ReActivate overview from PADI blog
ReActivate course overview from

Information for PADI Pros
ReActivate overview for PADI Pros
ReActivate Training Bulletin Special Edition
What’ll happen to Scuba Review?

ReActivate Online How To…

First, purchase a ReActivate course from your PADI Sales Consultant or from the online shopping cart (TIP: type in 71926-1 into the search box).

About an hour after purchase, the code will appear in the online processing center area of the PADI Pros Site.

To send a code to a student, scroll down to the ReActivate row. Click the available codes button.

Using PADI ReActivate code

When you are ready to send a ReActivate course to your student, you will need to look up their student record. Purchasing ReActivate includes a replacement card, and the student can choose any of their certs to ReActivate (Rescue, Enriched Air, etc).

PADI ReActivate How To

Pull up the diver record by entering a student number, or search for the student using the student’s name and date of birth. Click ReActivate to continue.

Enter the student’s email address in the box that appears. Click Confirm to generate an email to the student inviting them to download and start ReActivate. The student can download the program to their Android or iPad and/or view in a web browser.

PADI ReActivate how to send code

Processing ReActivate Students

When your student has completed their online and in-water training, go back to the online processing center to submit their information to generate a new card.

  • Go to the ReActivate row and click the Redeemed Code(s) button.Using PADI ReActivate code
  • Next, use the filters to pull up your student’s info OR run a search using the PADI ID on their completion form.

Process PADI ReActivate card

  • Confirm the student’s information (name, address, etc).
  • Upload a new photo or use the photo on file (shown if available)
  • Enter the ReActivated date and you’re done!

Fun fact: if the student ReActivating was a Junior Open Water Diver but is now old enough to be a regular Open Water Diver, the card will automatically come out sans Junior.


ReActivate Marketing Tips

  • PADI ReActivate imagesReActivate web banners are available on the PADI Pros’ Site in various sizes.
  • Offer ReActivate as an upsell to a replacement card request -if divers can’t find their card, they probably haven’t been diving in awhile.
  • Contact divers you haven’t seen in awhile – mine your customer database for divers who haven’t been active recently.
  • Package ReActivate with group trips – Include a special offer in travel documents or confirmations for divers to refresh their skills prior to leaving on the trip. That way they get to practice their skills and meet their travel companions.

Are you doing something special to promote PADI ReActivate? Email and you may be featured in an upcoming Surface Interval article.


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