Encyclopedia Multimedia 2007 promotion

On 3 December 2007, PADI will roll out a holiday promotion for the Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving – Multimedia. The coupon above will appear on padi.com alongside sample videos and product highlights.

Our special offer to the consumer:
Buy the Encyclopedia Multimedia for $49.95 (approx $20 off suggested retail). The coupon can be downloaded from the special offers page on padi.com.

Our special offer to the dive retailer:
Buy five or more Encyclopedias and get them at level seven pricing.

The best way to sell this product is show and tell. There are more than 100 video clips on this disc – including several on how dive equipment is made. If a customer is looking at a wetsuit or a tank, you can show them how these products are made (the tank video is the best).

It’s also a great item for Divemaster candidates and students taking the equipment speciality course. If you have a student who’s confused about the difference between balanced and unbalanced pistons – there’s a video explaining both. Someone struggling with Boyles’ Law? We have two videos on that one.

Other key selling points:

  • 100 video clips on everything from how tanks are made to showing how air moves through a regulator.
  • Includes the Diving Knowledge workbook
  • Learn about the history and evolution of scuba diving and dive equipment
  • Explains how dive computers work and decompression theory
  • Includes discussion of scuba equipment care and maintenance


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