PADI X Makes a Splash in Eugene, OR

Earlier this year we launched the PADI X program at five college campuses around the nation. PADI X is a pilot program where college interns recruit new divers through events, online marketing, etc.

University of Oregon was one of the first schools chosen to participate and they are first to the punch with some great news coverage.

Earlier this week The Daily Emerald ran a cover story about local scuba diving and the scuba program at U of O. The local dive center, Eugene Skin Divers Supply, received some great coverage as well.

Do you have a college or university in your backyard? You may want to read our recent article about the PADI X program. Or, purchase the College and University Scuba Guide – on sale for $20.

Read the full article about PADI X at U of O.

Watch the PADI X video on Youtube.

Read about how to implement a PADI X program in your area.


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