Have you ever gone to DAN.com by mistake? I happened upon it this morning when I was looking for a DAN instructor in Utah.

Here is what the home page says:

Unicorns are way cooler than spaghetti.
yunicus’ friend barbaloot says so, and she (barbaloot) is right.
yunicus says barbaloot is her friend, not mine, and she (yunicus) is not right.


There are also some interesting icons (like the one above) that float around the page. If you go to dan.com and click the word “Unicorns” at the top, it takes you to their MySpace profile. The profile doesn’t explain dan.com, but it sure takes the insanity to a new level. I have to admit, I’m not surprised that DAN.com is from Seattle.

What I want to know is: how many students wander over to dan.com looking for dive insurance and stumble across this crazy mess.

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