Top 10 Activities Divers Enjoy

In a recent survey we listed 31 activities (everything from snorkeling to paintball) to find out which were the most popular with divers. The results may surprise you:

Top 10 Activities Divers Enjoy:

10. Pilates / Yoga / Stretching
9. Cycling (road biking)
8. Scuba diving
7. Computer / Video games
6. Photography
5. Weight training
4. Running or jogging
3. Swimming
2. Walking for exercise
1. Cardio training

Check out number seven. Who knew we had so many diver-gamers. I guess Nintendo knew something we didn’t. Rock n’ roll drumming wasn’t an option on the survey, but I’m lobbying for it to be added the next go ’round.

All joking aside, the above information is worth considering when planning your next marketing campaign. Posting a flyer at your local pool is a no-brainer, but what about reaching out to the local photo community?

Personal trainers at your local gym could be another valuable target-market. The survey results suggest active individuals are pre-disposed to enjoy diving; additionally, a trainer’s day-to-day work puts them in contact with lots of potential customers.

In case you’re curious, here are the bottom five activies:

31. Snowboarding
30. Horseback Riding
29. Surfing
28. Tennis
27. Water Skiing / Wakeboarding

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