Using Twitter to Post Dive Conditions

Malibu Divers Twitters Dive Conditions / Rocks My World

Seeing Malibu Divers dive conditions on Twitter made me dance in my chair. Twitter has been getting a lot of hype recently and I’m so impressed with this creative use of technology.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Twitter, here’s a quick overview:

The purpose of Twitter is to post instant updates to the web. It’s most effective for information that’s only relevant for a short time (such as dive conditions).

Using Twitter is as easy as typing an email. If you can type, you can Twitter. Carter, the owner of Malibu Divers, says it takes him less than a minute to post dive conditions from his computer. Did I mention this program is 100% free?

Twitter users who’ve linked up with Malibu Divers receive an update on their Twitter feeds – a constant reminder of their favorite activity. On, the new dive conditions automatically appear. There’s no need to update the main website every day.

I asked Carter if Twitter brought people into the store and his answer was a resounding YES.

To get started with Twitter, visit today.

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