15 marketing idea #4

15 Minute Marketing Idea #4
Ask Us About Fundraising Opportunities

Looking back, my sales career started early: as a Campfire girl. Springtime in Oregon meant going door to door in a yellow raincoat hocking almond roca from a plastic bag.

If I had my druthers, I would much rather have sold something cool – like a Discover Scuba experience.

Host a discover scuba diving event to benefit a local school, sports team or other community organization. For example, the local high school swim team:

Have students sell Discover Scuba coupons to friends and family. Include your logo and the team logo on the coupon along with the date and time of the event. The team keeps whatever proceeds are raised after you cover your expenses (pool rental, staff, etc).

IMPORTANT: the success of this program depends on the students’ ability to sell your discover scuba program. When possible, have the students go through a discover scuba before they go out and sell it.

Today, take fifteen minutes to create an “Ask About Fundraising Opportunities” flyer using our template.

This is the fourth article in a series. Read more 15 Minute Marketing Ideas.


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