15 minute marketing idea #5 – digital decor

15 Minute Marketing Idea #5
Digital DecorPimp Your iPhone
Bling your Blackberry
Trick Out Your Treo


Google G1 with scuba diving digital decorThe number of people using “smartphones” (cell phones which deliver email and the world wide web) is growing rapidly. According to ComScore*: Mobile Internet Usage Doubled in 2008 and one in five americans now own a smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, G1, Treo, etc).

“Mobile Marketing” is the buzzword of 2009. Here’s an easy way to get your feet wet with mobile marketing:

During your next DSD or Open Water pool session, take photos of your students. Send the photos to your students by email or text and remind them that their under water mug shot makes a great facebook profile photo or mobile phone wallpaper.

Digital decor is especially useful for families. Suggest that Mom / Dad use their child’s underwater photo as their phone book entry. For the parent, it’s bragging rights: your kid is a yellow-belt in karate? Well, my kid can breathe underwater. Also, whenever Junior calls, the child’s smiling scuba face will provide a constant reminder of your business.

* Comscore monitors the popular websites and overall web usage. They’re kind of like the Neilsen TV ratings for the internet.

This is the fifth article in a series. Read more 15 minute marketing ideas.


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