15 minute marketing idea #6

15 Minute Marketing Idea #6
Retail Hide and Seek

Generally speaking, the more time a customer spends browsing your retail area, the more likely the are to purchase something. Some companies (most notably Trader Joe’s) challenge customers to find a hidden object in the store. If the customer can find it, they receive a prize.

A clothing retailer in Newport Beach used the same technique. She’d hide a small antique in her displays. If a customer found it, they received a coupon for their next visit. It encouraged customers who ordinarily would drive past the shop to come in and browse.

diver line artYou could also do this online. Find a goofy photo and post it to a random part of your website. In your next email blast, invite customers to participate in your online scavenger hunt. This encourages your customers to spend time browsing your website (learning about upcoming classes, trips, etc). If students locate your funny photo, have them email you the web link in exchange for some kind of prize.

Prizes can be coupons, store-branded apparel, free underwater camera rental, the winner’s photo on your website, whatever you want. Be clear about the rules and post a disclaimer such as “limit one prize per person.”

Thanks to Penny for this great idea.

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