New Enriched Air Instructor Guide Now Shipping

new PADI Enriched Air Instructor Guide product number 70244PADI EANx Instructor Guide 2009 revision
(for use with PADI’s eLearning Enriched Air program)

The new EANx instructor guides are now shipping (product no 70244). This new guide is for use with the computer-based EANx program only.

The computer-only course will be available as an eLearning program later this summer. I have not heard when a paper version of this program will be available. As soon as I know something I’ll post an update to this website / webpage.

UPDATE 15 July 2009: The Enriched Air online course is now live.

In addition to the new instructor guide, the instructor will need an EANx quick quiz (similar to Open Water) for the student. Check the PADI Pros site later this month for a .pdf download, or email me for a copy (megand at padi dot com). Please include your instructor number in the email.

For teaching the traditional EANx class with tables, you can still use product 70225.

If you ordered the 2009 Specialty Instructor Manual or 2009 update disc, this guide is not on your CD-ROM. We’re just printing the new EANx guides now (July) and the discs were manufactured in March.

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