New Discover Scuba Diving Forms Now Shipping

The new Discover Scuba Diving Brochure has arrived in our warehouse and is now shipping. The newly-revised form is available in the following languages:

English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, German, Portuguese, German, Chinese and Korean.

Please ensure that beginning 1 January 2010 the form pictured left is the only DSD form you and your staff are using.

The new brochures are part of an overall update to the DSD program. Please review the 4th quarter 2009 training bulletin for all the details.

The revised DSD flip chart and cue card are also available.

Here are the product numbers for all the revised DSD products:

70254 – DSD brochure (rev. 07/09 v. 3.0)
60109 – DSD flip chart (rev. 07/09 v. 3.0)
60130 – DSD cue card (rev. 07/09 v. 3.0)

(email subscribers may need to click through to view the images above).

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