Richard Branson Launches Virgin Oceanic

Bajillionaire Richard Branson has launched a new endeavor – Virgin Oceanic. From the official website:


Virgin believes that the Oceans offer exciting possibilities for human exploration and scientific research. Our vision through Virgin Oceanic is to explore the possibilities of enabling adventurers and pioneers to participate in oceanic exploration.

If we are successful in our mission with this innovative design of submarine, then we will have proven that a vehicle can be built to withstand the extreme pressures of the oceans and that it is possible 
to take humans at far reduced risks to the bottom of our Oceans.

Watch an interview with Sir Richard Branson explaining the mission of Virgin Oceanic.

Watch a video with some (occasionally silly) footage of what the sub might look like. Email subscribers may need to click through to view the video below.

Now that NASA has killed the shuttle program, maybe youngsters will dream of becoming aquanauts instead of cosmonauts?

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