EFR Add-On Sale: Branded First Aid Kit

A few years back I received a great idea from a prolific EFR Instructor – create a branded first aid kit.  Encourage students to buy at least one kit for their vehicle, and maybe an extra for their home or camping supplies. Label the container so your contact information is visible from the outside and your students will  be reminded of their EFR Instructor every time they open their trunk / go camping, etc.

In a nutshell, here’s how you could put a branded first aid kit together:
Choose a container (dry box, large waterbottle, etc), buy first aid supplies in bulk (see suggested contents below). Include an EFR Care at A Glance card* so – in the heat of the moment – your student will have a quick-reference card to remind them of important steps. Affix your contact info to the outside, or, if you have an opaque container, slide your info on the inside facing out – this will protect it from water damage.

* Part no. 50037

Pasted below is a list of suggested items for your EFR First Aid Kits.

Reference material
EFR Care at a Glance Card
A decal or business card with your contact information

Pocket Mask

Bleeding control supplies
Gauze pads in various sizes
Absorbent dressings
Adhesive bandages.

Wound cleaning materials
Antiseptic wipes or solution
Irrigation syringe
Antibiotic ointment.

Additional wound care materials
Medical tape to secure bandages,
Shears to remove bandages
A “tincture” of benzoin (adheres bandages to wet skin)

Musculoskeletal injury supplies
Triangular bandages
Elastic bandages (such as ACE™ bandages)
Safety pins and cord.
Cold packs and heat packs (to manage swelling / pain)

Basic medications*

* Determine if administering medications is within your scope of practice and/or legal in your area. If you are allowed to administer medications, make sure you ask the patient if they have any allergies.

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