What Are You Doing for Shark Shout Out Week?

Divers have a special appreciation for sharks that the average person (probably) doesn’t understand. Together, we can raise awareness about the dangers facing these amazing creatures and take action to protect them.

Can you do one thing this week to help us spread the word?

Pasted below are some items you could include in your enewsletter or post to your Facebook wall. Encourage readers to forward the information to their family, co-workers, etc. Sharks will benefit from winning a few more friends, and your business information will be shared across the interwebs.

Shark Petitions 
Two important petitions need your voice this October. You can link to these pages, or there’s also a Shark Petitions widget for your website.

Link to the Sharks in Peril video (1 min)

Offer the AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Distinctive Specialty
This course can be taken by both divers and non-divers. To get started: download the course materials and apply for your instructor rating.

For more information on the Big Shark Shout Out Week, visit projectaware.org

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