Revised CPR and AED Materials Now Shipping

Updated EFR Materials

(two down, one to go)

Revised CPR/AED materials are now shipping! All related kits such as the EFR Instructor Manual and EFR Instructor Start-Up Kit have been updated as well.

So if you order a 60215 Instructor Pack or 70149 Instructor manual you will receive new Primary/Secondary materials, new CPR/AED materials, but the prior version of Care for Children.

We expect Care for Children will have new materials in February or March 2012. Revised EFR Instructor Trainer materials will be available shortly thereafter.

New CPR/AED Materials

CPR/AED manual and DVD – 60267
CPR/AED manual ala carte 70185

CPR/AED student exam 71865
CPR/AED instructor guide 79215

Read about the revised EFR Primary / Secondary Care products.

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