Travelling with Dive Gear: Calculate Airline Baggage Fees

Scuba Gear Baggage Fee Calculator

I recently came across a great website: that allows you to quickly calculate the airline baggage fees for your dive gear.

dive gear airline baggage fee calculator

Here’s how it works: 
Type in where you’re going, what airline, and whether you’re flying coach, first class, etc. Click check allowances. displays the baggage allowances and costs for your flight. Below is an example using an American Airlines flight from LAX to Honolulu. Email subscribers may need to click through to view images.

scuba gear airline baggage fee calculator


You can also have the site calculate exactly what your baggage fees will be. After typing in your flight info, click calculate baggage fees. You’ll then be prompted to enter in how many bags you have, and how much each one weighs (see example below).

click to see a larger version displays the total cost for your baggage. It even takes into account any elite frequent flyer status you may have.

In addition to being useful pre-flight, I think this could be a great tool when researching flights. An airline that offers a free checked bag might be a better value than a flight that costs $20 less.

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