Welcome New PADI Rep Kristin Hargett

Welcome to our new PADI Americas Sales Rep – Kristin Hargett. Kristin is a Master Instructor who recently joined us on the cubicle farm. She will work with Gary Joyce’s accounts in the Midwest.

The former Midwest rep, Bret Lorea will now work with Barry Dunford’s territory. For those of you in Barry’s territory used to working with Penny and I – we’re still here, don’t worry.

Here’s some more info about our new rep, Kristin, so you can get to know her.

Name: Kristin Hargett

Contact: kristin.hargett at padi dotcom   
Region: Midwest with Gary Joyce
Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA
OW Cert Location: San Carlos, Mexico
Favorite Smell: Fresh Lemons
Favorite Food:  artichoke hearts
First Concert: I can’t admit it out loud or in writing!

Mild Medium or Spicy: Medium
Number of Years Working in the Dive Industry: 7
Favorite Dive Moment:
Having two bottlenose dolphins approach me, completely circle me within touching distance, leave, come back and circle me again before leaving for good.
Sea Creature You Hope to Meet Underwater One Day:Whale Shark and Great White Shark
Any interesting facts you’d like to share:On our honeymoon in 2002 I told my husband I would NEVER scuba dive. I was terrified to try it. Now I’m a Master Instructor. Who knew!

Want to know some useless trivia about your PADI Americas Sales Rep? Visit ourMeet the PADI Sales Team page.

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