Promote DM and IDC Programs with New Video, Job Profiles

The PADI office in Sydney, Australia has created a new promo video encouraging divers to continue their education to the professional level. It’s a little different from videos we’ve produced in the path, but we think you’ll like it. The video is embedded above, or you can view PADI’s new GoPro video on youtube.

Looking for other ways to promote your Divemaster and Instructor courses? Check out our career interview series with PADI Pros who work full time as divers. One works with astronauts, another with Cirque du Soleil performers. There’s an underwater archeologist, a Hollywood stuntwoman, and a limnologist. What’s a limnologist? Read her interview to find out.

Use these interviews one at a time on your blog or Facebook page to entice divers to sign up for your next Divemaster or IDC program. There are nearly a dozen online currently, and more will be added (about one per month). Bookmark this page and check back for updates:

Jobs You Can Have as a Scuba Diver

2 thoughts on “Promote DM and IDC Programs with New Video, Job Profiles

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