WRECK TREK – You’ve got to do it

photo (3)

Imagine diving a circuit of one fantastic wreck after another in one of the top diving regions of the world! Others have tried to imitate it but nothing compares to British Columbia, Canada’s original Wreck Treck.

The Dive Industry Association of British Columbia Canada (DIABC) http://diveindustrybc.com/ has recently launched their The Official British Columbia Wreck Trek Passport which is a Guide book and a Log Book all in one. The size of a real Passport, the Wreck Trek Passport is available through DIABC members including dive stores in British Columbia, Canada.

“ … We have several 366′ long retired Navy ships scuttled as artificial reefs, dozens of natural and historic wrecks …”

The Ten Wreck Circle Tour of British Columbia Legend (and for those who do not know, the prefix “HMCS” stands for Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship and is used on all Canadian Military Ships).

HMCS Columbia
Wreck of the Gulf Stream
Wreck of the Capilano
HMCS Chaudiere
HMCS Saskatchewan
HMCS Cape Breton
Xihwu Boeing 737
MV GB Church
HMCS Annapolis * (See our earlier October 10th post for a cool story about this ship)
HMCS MacKenzie

Of course this original Wreck Trek would not be possible without those wrecks, many of which are courtesy of The Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia, (ARSBC) and its many dedicated volunteers. You can visit these wrecks on-line at the ARSBC web site: http://www.artificialreef.bc.ca/index.php/ourreefs-menu
The Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia, ARSBC, is a registered non-profit society based in Vancouver, British Columbia and is a registered tax-deductible charity in Canada.

The ARSBC mission is to create environmentally- and economically-sustainable “artificial reefs” in British Columbia and around the world for the enjoyment of Scuba Divers, and for the protection of environmentally and historically-sensitive marine habitats. Since 1991, the ARSBC has sunk 6 ships and one Boeing 737 in British Columbia.

The ARSBC has no paid employees and consists of a volunteer Board of seven Directors, and hundreds of volunteers from B.C., Alberta, and the north-west United States, who have worked on our projects.

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