Shark Week 2015 Promotional Ideas

shark week costume
Shark Week kicks off Sunday July 5th!

Shark Week starts Sunday 5 July on the Discovery Channel. For the 28th year in a row, millions of viewers will tune in to see surfer survival stories and slo-mo great whites.

Shark Week is so popular, it’s been called The Super Bowl of summer TV programming.  With that in mind, here are some ideas on how you can help spread the (good) word about sharks and maybe sell a few classes.

Quick and Easy ideas

Project AWARE donation giveaway

Take a Bigger Bite

  • Offer the AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty (download instructor guide PDF) or offer the AWARE Shark Conservation Adventure Dive in your Advanced Open Water course. Give students a shark keychain to commemorate participation.
  • Schedule your next dive club meeting to coincide with Shark Week. During commercial breaks, read off Shark Facts and Myths and invite attendees to guess which is real and which isn’t. For example: 90% of shark attack victims are male. Truth or Myth?

Whoever guesses correctly could get a shark keychain, gummy shark candy, shark bite socks, shark surprise coffee mug, or other shark-related prize.

surprise shark mug appears when hot liquid added

Offer a grand prize to the person with the most correct answers. Personally I would love to curl up every night in this shark sleeping bag.

shark sleeping bag

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