PADI Application Fees

2018 PADI Americas Application fees (in US dollars)

PADI Divemaster Master Scuba Diver application fees

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    • Hi Frank. The reason for the difference in cost is that MSDT and MI are earned by doing a certain number of certifications / meeting pre-requisites. The IDC Staff rating, on the other hand, is an actual course where you complete training with a course director, complete exams, evaluate candidates, etc.

      If you would like a more detailed explanation of the different prices, please contact membership at: 800 729 7234 ext. 2495 or +1 949 858 7234 ext. 2495. If you would like more information on the requirements for MI, IDC Staff or MSDT, please consult your instructor manual.

    • Hi Ed, we definitely send out email notifications. You might check if we have your current email on file, and also make sure emails from don’t get dropped into your spam/junk filter. To check what email address we have on file, log on to the Pro’s Site, then click My Account from the main menu bar (far left).

      Hope this helps! – PADI

  1. I am new divemaster and I would like to know the cost of yearly fees and also which blank I have to fill in the divemaster application in order to pay the fees direct to the bank (cash) without card.
    Thank you in advance!

  2. i am renewing my divemaster. should i wait until the first of the year (2015) to take full advantage of the cost? will it be $144.00 or $105.00 ?

  3. Hello, I have just returned to the US after having just completed my DM course in Indonesia. I need to send in the application, but cannot find the address in which to send it, or the cost of the application fee. It seems that I do not have access to this information unless I am a professional member, yet I cannot get my membership until I send in the application? Please advise.

  4. Hello, I have just returned to the US after having just completed my DM course in Indonesia. I need to send in the application, but cannot find the address in which to send it anywhere. It seems that I do not have access to this information unless I am a professional member, yet I cannot get my membership until I send in the application? Please advise.

  5. Hi there,
    I’ve recently completed my training as a Divemaster, and i’m confused about the registration fees. I’d like to pay my registration now and get my number asap however id hate to have to repay the same amount in december again for the year 2015. Ive heard of a deadline where the registration fees paid in 2015 is accounting for a period given in 2014 or an extra fee to include the few months in 2014.
    I’m in Utila, Honduras where can i get these infos considering i’ve contacted the PADI website and still haven’t heard back from then… 10 days ago!
    Thanks for your help

  6. Hello, I am an OWSI and have been working as an Instructor since 2010. For personal and health reasons I need to stop working as an Instructor for the coming year (2015). Do I have to pay the full renewal or is there any kind of fee for my situation? Thank you. Aurore.

  7. Hi,

    If I do my Staff Instructor course in Nov/Dec and pay for the fee, do I still have to pay for renewal fee (teaching status) for the following year?

  8. Hello. I took my DM course right before a deployment (I am in the US Army) now that I am back I need to ship PADI my DM paperwork. What will the cost be to get my card… Need it ASAP as I am going to start the IDC course. Thank you.

  9. Megan,

    Thank you for the help and answering my questions!

    Also thank you for the “Thank you”….my pleasure!

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  11. hi I im a MSDT and I would like to know how much the yearly for 2015 fee is?
    I live and work on Curacao.

    regards , Dario # 339146

  12. Hi I am due to renew my membership, but I am doing my instructors in January. If I left my renewal till I do my course will it renew when I pay the instructor fees?

    • Hi Laura,

      The answer to your question is “yes.” You can hold off on renewing, do your instructor course in Jan and your instructor fee will be your 2016 renewal. That said, this is the PADI Americas blog. I see you are registered with our Europe office. I recommend confirming the answer to your question with them. Here is their email: customerservices.emea at padi dot com


      – Megan

  13. I got my dive master certification in 2004 and have not renewed since then. Do I have to take the class over or can I just pay my annual fee?

  14. Can I pay my dive master intern online ? I have my application ready to be sent off and I’m wondering if I can pay it online than to write the credit card info on the form .

    • Hi Tray,

      If you are already certified as a Divemaster, you can call PADI Customer Service to pay your Divemaster DSD internship fee over the phone. If you are not a Divemaster yet, then you need to mail everything in. If you have questions, or to pay for the DSD internship fee, please call: 800 729 7234 ext. 2495 or +1 949 858 7234 ext. 2495 from Outside the USA.

  15. Hi, I don’t have the money until March to renew my instructor fees due to personal reasons, I am current for 2016 can I renew in March next year for 2017?


  16. Hi! This morning (dec 14th, 2016) I was about to pay online my affiliation as OWSI for the year 2017, but I’ve made a mistake and check the “auto-renewal” box option, which I do not want to proceed. Please, would you help to un-check that automatic charge on my credit card? Thank you.

  17. Hi,

    Just finsihed doing my divemaster course and my instructor will be sending in the paperwork this week.

    I have been looking at what the DM membersip gives you.I haven’t been able to find anything on the padi site and I have read different answers online.

    Could someone provide me with what i can expect?


    • Hi Lex,
      Congratulations on finishing your Divemaster course, that is an exciting achievement!
      Once your paperwork is submitted and processed, you will receive a welcome packet with information about being a DM.
      If you contact our customer service department by email: or phone: (949) 858-7234 ext. 2430, then they will be able to provide you with all the details you are looking for.


  18. Hello,
    I am trying to pay my due for DM, I can not sign in on the web site. not in my padi, not in my padipro. i already send a email time ago. I call the costumer services and she was not able to help me, She told me that a need to renew my membership but How i can do that if im not able to log in?
    When I try to log in the system say “Those credentials could not be found on our system.”

    any help?

  19. Hi There,

    I’m trying to renew in teaching status for 2017. I have not renewed since 2014 but was told I just need to do a membership forum which I have been sent a link for. As I’m sending my renewal paperwork off from the UK to customer services for PADI Asia Pacific I’m going to miss the 31st December deadline. Is there anyway to renew my membership online or what are the consequences of renewing after the 31st December (2016) for 2017?

    Thanks very much!


  20. What are PADI fees for an instructor to register with PADI a advanced open water certification. The course is already done. I just need to know the fees to register that that student has that certification. I cannot find those fees anywhere. Europe area

  21. Hello, I was wondering if I have to take a refresh course if I want to renew my divemaster membership? My last membership ended in December 2014 and I have not renewed it since. Thank you!!

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  23. If the PADI IE exam authorized card for fee charging need to be the same as the one authorized for DM? Or I can fill in the new one during IE exam?

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