Plan a Rescue Diver Workshop

PADI Rescue Diver

Written by John Kinsella 

The Rescue Diver course is consistently described as one of the most challenging and yet rewarding courses in the entire PADI system of diver education. Capitalize on what divers love about the PADI Rescue Diver Course and seriously consider hosting an annual (or more frequent) Rescue Diver Workshop. Here are five reasons why this is a great idea:

  1. It’s a powerful way to highlight your business and your place in the local community. A Rescue Diver Workshop is about as close as diving is ever going to get to a spectator sport. The sight of divers sprinting across the beach, plunging into the water and dragging a “victim” out while administering mouth to mouth never fails to get attention. Lots of orange gear helps too. Just make absolutely sure you have clearly visible signage explaining that this is an exercise, and, double absolutely, make sure you let the local emergency services know what you’re doing.
  1. It’s a great way to get to know, and get known by, local emergency services. Consider inviting these experts to participate; emergency services practice regularly too. And if there’s anything that elevates the spectacle of a coordinated diver rescue to the next level, it’s a demonstration helicopter airlift. You might be surprised at the reception you receive if you simply ask politely.
  1. It’s a great way to promote continuing education. Invite everybody. Among other things, a rescue diver workshop is a great excuse for a day out. And having Open Water Divers about can really add to scenario realism if you get them involved. I have yet to meet one who didn’t delight in being used as a victim, in spite of all the inhaled water.
  1. It’s one of the best ways to keep skills current. Hopefully, you don’t practice rescues too often in the real world. This is the perfect opportunity to keep skills current, update certifications (There will, naturally, be a concurrent EFR course). This applies to divers, and professionals, at all levels. Make a point of encouraging full staff participation, reaching out to divers who haven’t been active in a while and basically letting everyone you can know about the event. It’s not hard to keep them busy.
  1. Why not? You’re doing the work already (every time you run a Rescue Diver Course) and it doesn’t take much to turn the Rescue Diver Scenarios (an integral part of that course) into the focus of a Rescue Diver Workshop. It’s a no brainer to integrate the two.

Plan a Rescue Diver Workshop today, there’s really no reason not to.

PADI Rescue Diver Product Updates

PADI Rescue Diver Manual Updated

PADI Rescue Diver Online

Rescue Diver now available as a PADI eLearning course

PADI’s Rescue Diver eLearning course is online now. The online material mirrors the student manual and DVD and is an optional substitute for these items. The student also completes their knowledge reviews and the rescue exam online.

To complete their knowledge development, the instructor must administer an in-person quick quiz. The quick quiz is a free download from the eLearning Toolbox on the PADI Pro’s site.
Click on: Toolbox – eLearning – Teach eLearning – Rescue Quick Quiz.

Required Materials
Here are the required materials for a student who’s complete the Rescue Diver eLearning course:

  1. Rescue Diver quick quiz.
  2. Accident Management Workslate
  3. A pocket mask.

The accident management workslate and pocket mask are available in our Rescue Diver eLearning “enhancement pak” – product no. 70820. Member price is $39.65. The quick quiz is a free download from the PADI Pro’s Site.

Registration and Pricing
View retail cost for the student

Divers must affiliate with a PADI Dive Center or Resort during the registration process. Independent instructors may pre-purchase eLearning Gift Passes to associate divers with their member number.

During registration, the student is notified that certification requires in-water training is required at an additional cost. When promoting the eLearning option for Rescue Diver, it’s a good idea to explain what this additional cost is.

We also have web banners for Rescue Diver online. Visit the eLearning Toolbox on the PADI Pro’s Site to view and download.
Where to find eLearning banners:
Toolbox – eLearning -Market eLearning – eLearning Banners and Buttons – English (scroll down to the bottom for the Rescue banners)

Preview Any eLearning Course
PADI Stores and Instructors who’ve previously purchased an eLearning Gift Pass can preview any of our eLearning courses online. Here’s how:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on User Maintanence
  3. Next – click on Preview Course Sections
  4. Choose the course you want to preview from the drop down menu