Introducing the All-New PADI Travel


The all-new global PADI Travel™ features an online travel platform and full-service team dedicated to providing top-notch travel services – inspiring divers to explore more of the underwater world and take care of our oceans. PADI Travel is designed to energize and grow the overall diving community for the benefit of everyone in the dive industry, offering hundreds of dive destinations around the world and poised to expand over the coming months with more dive resort offerings.

With each dive operator’s unique business model in mind, PADI Travel is available to augment, support or enhance a PADI Dive Center’s current travel program. Catering to groups and individual travelers alike, PADI Travel combines the best of online booking with concierge-level travel consultancy, offering:

  • The highest customer satisfaction with expert customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • One of the largest online selections of liveaboards and dive destinations in the market.
  • Dedicated dive travel experts with in-depth dive knowledge and experience to provide personalized advice; the team averages 2,500 dives per customer service representative, with dive experience spanning a total of 80 countries around the world.
  • Eco-friendly trip options to help people dive with a purpose.

PADI Travel launches as a leading online travel provider for divers, offering a user-friendly experience to research, compare and book dive vacations anywhere in the world. In today’s digital world, travelers have high expectations with respect to their ability to find information and book online. The new travel platform is made possible by integrating tried-and-tested technology and a global team of dive travel experts from Diviac, a startup dive travel company that has been successfully operating in the online scuba travel space since 2015.

There are many ways that PADI Members can benefit from PADI Travel, including:

  • Liveaboards and PADI Resorts can tap into new customer sources, increase bookings and reduce administration.
  • PADI Dive Centers can get assistance organizing and marketing group trips, earn travel agent commissions on trips booked for their customers with PADI Travel, or earn affiliate commissions for divers referred to PADI Travel.
  • PADI Professionals can earn valuable incentives for divers referred to PADI Travel.
  • PADI Dive Centers will be able to receive direct online bookings for their day trips and PADI courses (COMING SOON!).

For those in North America who have worked with PADI Travel Network, be assured that PADI continues to enjoy a positive relationship with PADI Travel Network’s service provider, Caradonna Adventures, and will work with them throughout 2018 to ensure needs are met. Dive centers are encouraged to work with Caradonna Adventures for land-based travel needs until more dive resorts are added to the PADI Travel offerings.

Explore to discover all that PADI Travel offers to the dive community.

To learn more about joining the PADI Travel affiliate program, visit If you’re interested in listing your dive resort on PADI Travel, please contact To get support in organizing group trips contact


5 Tips to Accommodate Traveling Families


The family travel market is set to boom. According to a late 2016 survey by the Family Travel Association (FTA Survey), this market segment is poised for significant growth. The main reason, the survey says, is consumer interest in spending quality time traveling together as a family. And what better way is there to spend time together than to dive together? Being in a position to accommodate traveling families is a solid growth strategy. Here are five ways to do just that.

  1. Note that simple solutions often work well. If a family has young children, one of the most valuable services you can offer is babysitting. Combine that with a family friendly shop or resort and you have a winning formula without a lot of effort.
  1. Ask yourself if you have the right skills, attitude and expertise. Working with children can be demanding. It requires patience, reliability and the ability to form positive relationships. Most PADI Pros are well able to do this, but if you don’t think you’re the right person for the job, hire someone who is.
  1. Make sure you and your dive shop meet any relevant legal requirements. You’ll need to check locally, but PADI has a great reference to get you going in the right direction: Children and Scuba Diving: a Resource Guide for Instructors and Parents.
  1. Listen to the advice of your fellow PADI Pros, if you don’t have one nearby who loves working with families, reach out on a forum, or get in touch with your PADI RTC who will certainly be able to steer you straight. Better yet, make the time to attend a PADI Business Academy, which makes a fine art of networking with peers.
  1. Listen to the current advice and tips about kids and diving, and traveling families who want to go diving together. It’s all over the web and easy to find, start with this blog Family Vacation Travel Tips for Scuba Divers and this one Scuba Diving Kids: 5 Questions for Parents. Then ask yourself if your operation ticks all the right boxes.

When you’ve done all that, don’t forget to let people know. Families doing their vacation research will respond well to a dedicated section of your website pointing out all the benefits you’ve put in place. Then just shake out the welcome mat.